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 Welcome to Tao International Group Inc.


 Looking for a great deal? Or a reliable supplier? With competitive pricing and attention to customer service, Tao International Group Inc. provides all of the above.

Here at Tao International Group Inc. we pride ourselves on supplying quality products to retailers in the Ontario area, throughout the country as well as overseas.

As a manufacturer, we provide high quality products with competitive prices for our customers. 

As a wholesaler, we carry the newest fashion styles in metal and plastic frames, as well as sunglasses. We also carry optical equipment such as lensometers, groovers, automatic and semi-automatic edgings, polisher machines, trial lens set and frames, lens clock, retinoscopes, and many others.

As importers and exporters, we bring all of our products from China, Hong Kong, and Korea. We sell our products worldwide directly or through appointed representatives and distributors in Central and South America.


 As an OEM Manfacturer: Tao International Group Inc. can manufacture custom styles with your name at reasonable prices. The estimated delivery time for such orders is  around 60 days.  


For further questions of doing business with us, there are a number of ways to Contact Us.

Here at Tao International Group Inc. we welcome all customers overseas and domestic, and look forward to continued success in the future.